Geopolitical background to the Nathan Thambi campaign

German Ministry of Justice release the information, why did your support for peace turn to US/UK policy of war against the Eelam Tamils? read about the campaign here in:English,Español(Spanish),Français(French),Deutsch(German),中文(Chinese),Русский(Russian), 한국어 (Korean),العربية(Arabic),සිංහල (Sinhala),தமிழ்(Tamil)

See below resources which discuss the geopolitcal background to understand the campaign:

Interview with journalist Sivaram discussing the strategic significance of the island state of Sri Lanka to the US (2005)
Testimony of journlist Bashana Abeywardene at Peoples’ Tribunal on Sri Lanka (Berlin session 2022)
Testimony of Umesh Perinpanayagam at Peoples’ Tribunal on Sri Lanka (Berlin session 2022)
Dr Andy Higginbottom contextualises the Bellinzona Case in 2018
Phil Miller from Corporate Watch talks about British complicity in the Genocide against the Eelam Tamils (2014)
“The Peace Process calls a halt to the Genocide”International Human Rights Association Bremen – discusses role of EU supporting the peace vs US/UK destroying the peace (2013)

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