WATCH: Film exposes Australia’s dangerous policies to stop refugee boats, questions New Zealand role

We are asking politicians, organisations and individuals from around the world to make public appeals to Jacinda Ardern to rule out any role in the Australian ‘stop the boats’ policy and resettle the refugees featured in this film. Please send copies of your statements to us at so that we can publicise them.

See a 25 minute version of film Stop the Boats – the lie of saving lives at sea below:

European journalists Nicolai Jung and Phil Miller’s film Stop the Boats – the lie of saving lives at sea — which premiered at the Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival in 2017 — exposed both Australia’s brutal interception policies to stop boat arrivals of refugees and the lies that justify those policies.

The film reconstructs the ill-fated journey of the Andika that was attempting to reach New Zealand (NZ) in 2015 but forced back by the Australian armed forces. NZ’s role in this episode is murky but raises the possibility, as former NZ parliamentarian Keith Locke stated, that “the Australian navy is under instructions from the New Zealand government to intercept any such boat and send [them] back to Indonesia.”

Australia’s policies have served as a precedent for Frontex, the EU border agency, and more recently the EU-Italy-Libya deal, which has sent naval vessels to Libya to stop people fleeing to Europe. The consequences of which, according to the UN Humans Rights chief, have been “an outrage to the conscience of humanity.”

With NZ’s new Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern serving as a global political symbol of compassion and morality, we call on politicians, organisations and individuals to make a public appeal to Jacinda Ardern to distance her government from Australia’s much condemned and criminal ‘stop the boats’ policy and rule out any NZ involvement. We also call on Jacinda Ardern to resettle the remaining handful of refugees from the Andika who remain in Indonesia to NZ.

Please send links or copies of your statements to us at – so that we can publicise them.

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